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uPVC Doors and Windows

Why Choose uPVC Doors and Windows


uPVC is still a popular choice of material for doors and windows despite some bad press.  With modern methods being developed there is no longer the same stigma attached to the traditional white plastic look that it is associated with.  But what are the benefits?


  • It is a cheaper option than timber or aluminium.  With home improvements being costly it may be the best option for your budget.
  • It is easy to maintain.  Frames are durable, long lasting and need minimal maintenance.  An occasional wipe down will keep them looking new.
  • It is a good insulator so works well keeping the heat in and out.
  • With new technologies there are a wide range of finishes that can be achieved including a timber or aluminium look.


We have installed a range of uPVC doors and windows in our showroom.  Contact us to make an appointment to come and view the full range of products.