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Centor® C1 aluminium doors

Centot C1 Integrated Door

Centor-C1-one-line-for-light-bckgrd_small2Why choose Centor C1 doors?

Quite simply, because Centor creates distinctive folding doors that offer more.

The innovative Centor C1 system combines intelligent engineering with long-lasting performance. The result is smartly designed and smoothly moving aluminium folding doors that are simply a delight to use – day in, day out, and for years to come…

> Outstanding aesthetics and adaptability

The smart-looking design of Centor C1 folding doors will transform a room by opening it up to the outdoors. Slim sight lines are balanced by engineered structural strength to deliver enduring good looks.

Available in a range of custom finishes, colours and configurations, you can design the Centor C1 your way.

> Smoothest possible fingertip operation

Enhance your home with a Centor C1 folding door and you will benefit from the smoothest possible fingertip operation for years to come.

The system is fully adjustable so it will always fit the opening perfectly, no matter how much wear and tear it experiences over time. With a Centor C1 folding door, you can feel the difference.

> First-class security

Your Centor C1 folding doors offer a range of built-in security features that are designed to give you peace of mind.

As well as the inherent strength and stability of the system, these include tamper-proof hinges and two first-class locking systems.

> Superb eco-performance

Intelligently engineered Centor C1 folding doors are specifically designed to help protect your home from the elements.

The superb eco-performance offered by Centor C1 comes courtesy of built-in thermal breaks, insulating glazing and a unique weather-sealing system. Achieving U values as low as 1.1 in independent testing, your home will stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer with the Centor C1.

> Lasting peace of mind

Centor C1 doors have undergone cycle testing up to 25,000 cycles, ensuring the high quality of the concealed hardware and weather-sealing technology is more than capable of withstanding the trails of daily use.

This superior level of performance is backed by an impressive 10-year operational warranty for lasting peace of mind.



Fingertip OperationThermal PerformanceAesthetics
Fingertip operationThermal performanceAesthetics

Angled rollers and track, articulated wheels, track sweepers, and sill covers, guarantee the doors operate smoothly.

Thermal breaks create barriers to insulate the home from temperature variations. U values as low as 1.1 are possible.

Clean modern lines of the doors and concealed hardware deliver a contemporary design to your home.

First Class SecurityGlazing OptionsWeather Resistance
First-class securityGlazing optionsWeather resistance

Centor hinges use irremovable pins so doors cannot be compromised from the outside.

This folding system can accommodate both double and triple glazed panels on door panels 70mm wide.

Strategically machined drainage holes and weather-seals ensure the water tightness of the system.

Transition to OutdoorsBespoke DoorsLocking in Style
Transition to outdoorsBespoke doorsLocking in style

Choose between a compact or easy access sill, to provide the perfect transition from indoors to out.

Customise the design of your home with doors available in a range of colours and sizes.

Secure folding doors with a single hand action using the sleek design of Centor’s keyed or non-keyed Twinpoint lock.