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Bi-Fold Doors

Centor bi-fold doors

Bi-fold doors

Bring the outside in with DGL’s range of bi-fold doors

What are Bi-fold doors:

Bi-folding doors slide open along a track with the panels folding up and stacking neatly like a concertina.  With each panel being up to a metre wide you can have a number of folding door arrangements from 2 up to 8 doors in width.

Bi-fold doors are useful: 

  • Externally as a door providing a seamless transition between a home and an outdoor space. 
  • Internally creating the perfect flow between rooms.

What are the Benefits:

  • Offer a contemporary design that fits perfectly in modern properties.
  • They are stylish in design therefore adding value to properties.
  • They create bright, versatile spaces.  Whether it is connecting the outdoor space with the internal space or creating more of a flow between the internal space.
  • Increases natural light to the property.
  • Maximises views both when the doors are open and when they are closed.
  • Doors open the full width of the recess therefore creating unrestricted access.
  • They are almost silent in use and  operate very smoothly. 

Centor Door Systems

We are approved installers of the award winning Centor folding door systems including the patented Integrated folding door which combines blinds and shades into the door mechanism. 




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