Bi-Fold Doors, Orangeries, Windows
DGL Ilkley

Ideas and Design

Ideas and DesignConsidering your ideas

Once we receive your enquiry we will contact you to discuss your design requirements in more detail.

Whether it is one replacement window or multiple products there are plenty of options to discuss and decisions to make.

We provide a no obligation consultation where we will talk you through all of your options from different materials available, different styles or products you might not have considered.  We have the right expertise and knowledge to help find the most suitable product for your requirements and budget.

A range of sample products are on display in our showroom. 

The Design

Once we have an understanding of what product you require we can begin to discuss more specific design features.  From glass type and style, paint colours, handles, locking devices, optional blinds etc.  Each product has specific design features to consider.  We are on hand to discuss all options available and provide you with a product that fits all of your specifications. 

After determining exactly what you require we will provide you with a detailed quotation outlining everything we have discussed.  If there is anything in the quotation you are not happy with then we will make necessary revisions until we have something you are satisfied with.