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Composite Doors

What are Composite doors?

Unlike traditional single material doors, composite doors use a combination of materials.  These include PVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic.  Each material is selected for it’s beneficial properties and by combining the materials any flaws associated with singular materials can be reduced.

What are the benefits?

  • A combination of materials makes a door that is strong and secure
  • They have a high resistance to weathering.  They won’t react to seasonal changes like singular material doors
  • There is a higher thermal resistance because of an insulating foam core
  • They have the look of timber doors without any of the flaws such as fading or discolouring
  • They are low maintenance doors that are long lasting
  • With a multipoint locking system there is increased securtity
    Composite door

    Clifton Composite door in Olive

    We can advise you further on the benefits of composite doors.  Pop along to our showroom to view our full range of doors and we can work out what suits your requirements and budget.