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orangery3166At DGL we will build you an aluminium clad or timber orangery, with masonry and large expanses of glass, topped with an orangery style glazed roof.

We use precision engineered timber or aluminium clad sections for all doors, windows and frames.

The Modern Orangery

Modern orangeries are elegant, spacious and have a roof design similar to the traditional orangery, designed for warmth and comfort all year round. If the grand scale is out of reach, instead go for a size that will be larger than a conservatory and fits well with the design of your home.

What is an Orangery

Orange TreeAn orangery is a light and warm building with a large floor area, tall ceilings, large expanses of glass with a unique glazed roof design to let in the light and span the floor areas. Part of the roof is flat, the inner part glazed. The whole structure looks more substantial than a conservatory.

Orangeries go back centuries, often built by wealthy owners of large houses on large estates as a warm, humid, light environment which allowed plants such as citrus trees to thrive in climates normally too cold, and to extend the flowering season of native plants and trees.

Early orangeries had slate roofs, but in the 19th century glass roofs became the norm. As a result, the orangery became warm very quickly with the sunlight, and with many plants, very humid.

The Alternative

An alternative to a full orangery is an Edwardian style conservatory with an orangery style roof!

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